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For English-speaking children


Do you speak French?

   Would you like to help your kids learn French?

Would they like to have a French-speaking penpal? 




Letter exchange


Penpals4kids program is fun pen pal program. We will help you connect with French-speaking families and your kids will exchange 3 hand-written letters per academic year with their French-speaking pen pals (penfriends).

The pen pal program requires a lot of work (for me) but costs only 20€ per family per French academic year (September-June)!

I will give priority to the kids who regularly attend my Bilingual Zoom Classes because most of my French-speaking students do attend them and would be delighted to see their pen pals there too! 

How does this letter exchange program work?

It's very simple! Your kids will just have to
- Reply to 3 simple letters per school year in English (+ French if they can) (around November, February and May)
- Decorate the letter and add drawings, photos...
You will then
- Scan it and send a PDF letter (not a photo of it please, if possible) to your pen pal and please don't forget to copy me on the email (It is possible to exchange snail mail letters too, if your pen pals are OK too).

It's very important that you 

  • send me an email and tell me if you are interested in the letter exchange and/or the zoom classes. I will also need basic information about your family (location - city, state, country; name and age of kids, hobbies + a photo)
  • sign up NOW to the Penpals4Kids Newsletter - the only means to get the zoom invitations and other useful information.
  • Agree with the rules. You can print them here.

IMPORTANT! In order to facilitate the proper functioning of this program, it is very important that each family respects the rules and deadlines 👍(which are quite flexible). We wouldn't want to have a child wait too long for his/her letter and be sad 😱.

Sign up here to penpals4kids Newsletter

Zoom bilingual classes


We organize fun  Bilingual Zoom Classes on Mondays.

This is no 'traditional' class. We have fun and play together in both French and English for around 45 minutes. After the class, we can chat together and I can answer all your questions.

We also organize a fun  French Zoom Class (once a month) with other English-speaking children. 

Please, always book your class before the Friday evening preceding the Monday Zoom class please! It is cheaper and much more convenient to prepay for 5 or 10 classes. This is also the best way to keep your motivation strong throughout the academic year and get organized.

Family fare for 1 class: 8,50€-12€ 

Book your next class here (12€)

Prepay for 5 classes here (5 x 11€ = 55€ instead of 60€)

Prepay for 10 classes here! (10 x 10€ = 100€ instead of 120€)

Prepay for 20 classes here! (20 x 9€ = 180€ instead of 240€) 

Prepay for 25 classes here! (25 x 8,50€ = 212,50€ instead of 300€) BEST PRICE!

You will receive the zoom codes by email a few days before the class (Via the Newsletter only) once you have payed your entrance fee.

IMPORTANT! Prepayed classes are valid during the whole French academic year (September-June). We do not refund missed classes. Unattented prepayed classes can still be valid the following academic year for exceptional circumstances (illness, hospitalization, Internet outage etc.) and on receipts.

Save the dates!


Print the PDF Calendar now !

The weekly Bilingual Zoom Classes and the monthly French Zoom Class take place on Mondays at 6:15 PM (Paris, France time zone).

For the UK

  • 5:15 PM

For the USA

  • (- 9 hours) 9:15 AM in Arizona, Oregon and California
  • (-8 hours) 10:15 AM in Idaho
  • (- 7 hours) 11:15 AM in Louisiana, Texas and Tennessee;
  • (- 6 hours) 12:15 PM in New York, Florida, Michigan, Indiana and Pennsylvannia.

Check the map online

I always send you a countdown a few days before the event (by email and on Instagram) to help you connect on time :)



5th- Greetings / Family ✅

12th- French Class (Greetings / Family)

19th- School Objects


3rd- Friends (writing the first pen pal letter)

10th - French Class (School Objects)

17th - Pets



14th- Review 

21st - French Class (Pets)

28th - Body (Parts of the face) 


5th - House (Rooms) 

12th Clothes (dressed-up class)



9th - Review

16th - French Class (House / Clothes)

23rd- Food 

30th - Friends (Writing the second letter) 


6th - Hobbies

13th- French Class (Food / Hobbies)

27th - School Subjects


6th - Farm animals 

13th- Body parts

20th - French Class (School Subjects / Animals)

27th - Review


3rd -  Friends (writing the third letter)



15th- French Class (Review)

22nd - House (furniture)

5th - Clothes


12th- Daily Routine

19th - Farewell bilingual dressed-up picnic


Weekly Bilingual Zoom Class

Monthly French Class


Learn French


Check out our bilingual videos in our YouTube channel Lessons & Books4kids - "Penpals4kids"

Print out our lovely hand-made bilingual flashcards to follow along our bilingual videos on YouTube:


Spring Nature Walk Pack (Garden birds and Spring Nature Walk flashcards + Nature Walk activity sheet)

The flashcards listed above are in 3 versions - English, French & blank 

Your kids will have hours of fun sorting out the cards by language or matching a picture with its word in either French or English... Or why not play a Memory Game? Your kids can colour them and you can even laminate them to take them away with you everywhere you go. Why not even play outside while learning French? Or learn French while playing outside? :)


Discover France


France and French lovers, you will be happy to receive our 6 snailmail letters from France!

Letters From Margot is a snail mail adventure that will enable you to discover France - its culture, people, history, geography... and also learn some useful French.

Ready for this adventure ?

Please our new website Letters From Margot!


Pour les enfants francophones


Es-tu francophone ? Aimerais-tu un correspondant anglophone (anglais, américain) pour ton / tes enfant(s) ? 

Nous t'offrons 2 possibilités : L'échange de lettres et / ou les rencontres par Zoom. A toi de choisir ce qui conviendra le mieux à tes enfants.

Lis et imprime ici le règlement intérieur du programme Penpals4Kids.

1. PENPAL LETTERS (echanges de lettres)


Nous t'offrons la possibilité de faire 3 échanges de lettres / an (dans les 2 langues) avec une famille anglophone. Ce programme de correspondance par lettres (écrites à la main, puis scannées en envoyées par email) est accessible GRATUITEMENT aux abonnés à l'une des formules hebdomadaires de cours d'anglais Lessons4Kids. Il est également offert aux abonnés aux 3 ateliers d'écriture de lettres en anglais qui souhaitent correspondre avec une famille anglophone.

Si tu es intéressé.e par l'échange de lettres et/ou les classes par zoom, écris-moi par email pour me faire part de tes choix et inscris-toi à la Newsletter Lessons4Kids pour recevoir toutes les infos, les invitations Zoom...

Lessons4kids Newsletter

2. bilingual ZOOM classes (classes bilingues sur Zoom) 


Les "Bilingual Zoom classes" avec nos familles de correspondants anglophones (anglais et américains) sont réservées à nos élèves abonnés à la formule Famille. Elles sont facultatives mais fortement recommandées pour favoriser les progrès de vos enfants et garder votre motivation intacte toute l'année scolaire.

Tarif : 8-11€

   Réserve ta prochaine classe Zoom ici (1 'ticket' 11€)

   Paye en avance pour 5 classes ici ! (5 'tickets' x 10 € = 50€ au lieu de 55€)

   Paye en avance pour 10 classes ici ! (10 'tickets' x 9€ = 90€ au lieu de 110€ )

   Paye en avance pour 20 classes ici ! (20 'tickets' x 8€ = 160€ au lieu de 220€)                                                          > MEILLEUR TARIF !

Les Zoom pré-payés restent valables toute l'année scolaire 2022-2023. Si un enfant manque une classe ponctuellement, il sera marqué comme absent et son "ticket" restera valable la semaine suivante, et ce, jusqu'à la dernière date programmée de l'année scolaire. Nous ne remboursons pas les "tickets" non utilisés ou utilisés partiellement à cause d'un retard. En revanche, les "tickets" Zoom pré-payés non utilisés pourront exceptionnellement être utilisables l'année scolaire suivante, uniquement pour motifs sérieux et valables (hospitalisation, maladie, coupure Internet...), et sur justificatifs.

A vos agendas !


Lundi 18h15 (heure de Paris) avec les enfants anglophones (2 lundis par mois en moyenne hors juillet, août, jours fériés et vacances de la Zone B)

Imprime le calendrier 2022-2023 ici !


5/09- Greetings / Family ✅

19/09- School Objects


3/10- Friends (writing the first pen pal letter)

17/10 - Pets



14/11- Review 

28/11 - Body (Parts of the face) 


5/12 - House (Rooms) 

12/12 Clothes (dressed-up class)



9/01 - Review

23/01- Food 

30/01 - Friends (Writing the second letter) 


6/02 - Hobbies

27/02- School Subjects


6/03 - Farm animals 

13/03- Body parts

27/03 - Review


3/04 - Friends (writing the third letter)



22/05 - House (furniture)

5/05 - Clothes


12/06- Daily Routine

19/06 - Farewell bilingual dressed-up picnic (GRATUIT pour les familles qui ont acheté 20 'tickets' Zoom)


Weekly Bilingual Zoom Class x21

Review x3

Les 3 dates en bleu sont des dates de révision des thèmes déjà abordés où tous les enfants abonnés à la formule Famille sont les bienvenus. On y fera plus d'activités manuelles. Elles sont l'occasion de revoir les thèmes appris précédemment et une belle occasion de découverte pour les nouveaux inscrits.

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